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Bringing career guidance and professional integration to the next level with AI and Cognitive Science

We are paving the way for the education of the future, in which every school is able to offer fully personalized support to all its students.

> Students

Helping students to achieve their career goals with AI and Data

LINA is an AI and cognitive sciences-based SaaS platform that supports students throughout their academic journey and professional integration while helping them build their career path.

> Schools

Assisting universities in gaining a deep understanding of their students

Through data, LINA enables universities to capture the career aspirations of each student as well as the opportunities offered by today’s job market. With LINA the faculty can adapt its academic programs in real-time to meet the evolving expectations of the job market.

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Help your students to know themselves better, enhance their skills, and grasp their professional aspirations.

Job Market

Enable your students to access tens of thousands of job offers, then apply with just a few clicks for their dream job.

Academic programs

Help your students navigate your programs and choose the courses that best suit them.

This personalized guidance improves student satisfaction and increases your retention rate.


Transform your students’ campus experience with a custom recommendation engine of all the activities and services offered within your university campus or nearby: conferences, symposiums, animations, clubs, associations, cultural activities or sports events.

Personalized Support Tools

Our dashboards provide a comprehensive and detailed view of each of your students and their activities, enabling your coaches to provide an unprecedented level of personalized guidance.

It's time to provide the best to your students to your professional teams

Assessment of the impact of LINA on student development by career center, student experience, corporate relations, and academic experience managers.

believe that LINA enables students to better understand themselves and develop their cross-functional skills.
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believe that LINA can help students find more easily the job that suits them.
0 %
believe that LINA enables students to increase the number of internships or work-study programs they apply for.
0 %
believe that LINA can enhance the campus experience for students.
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