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Guide and assist your students during their academic studies and their professional integration

We enable you to provide completely personalized support to all your students.

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Most of your students feel lost when entering the professional world.

We help them to know themselves better, find a job that suits them, and apply more easily. This allows you to increase their employability and satisfaction.

Give your students personalized guidance and support throughout their academic studies

Self-knowledge Professional Integration Professional Passport Academic Journey


Evaluate 110 criteria covering skills, professional aspirations, and personal development.

Professional Integration

An algorithm that matches each profile with suitable careers and job opportunities.

Professional Passport

A solution enabling each student to apply for a job in just 3 clicks.

Academic Journey

Easier career orientation based on professional and personal aspirations.

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For your students


Discover your skills

Explore your aspirations and skills to identify your career goals.


Find your dream job

Our A.I. suggests the right jobs for you, based on your personality profile and skills.


Apply in 3 Clicks

Our professional passport allows you to apply to any job offer in just 3 clicks.

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of Students are more satisfied by the job offers they get through LINA than the ones they get through traditional platforms.
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