Who are we?

A shared ambition

Noèse founders Christophe and Christophe, realized that student dissatisfaction results mainly from a lack of personalized support during their studies and at the time they enter the job market. Therefore, they decided to work along with the higher education sector, as well as data science and cognitive science teams in order to develop a solution that would guide and support students during their academic orientation and professional integration.

Noèse relies on cognitive and data sciences to better understand individual aspirations and offer fully personalized suggestions…

Working with Schools and universities

From the beginning, Noèse has collaborated with the operational teams of its higher education partners to create a platform that fully meets their needs. We took the time to listen, understand the challenges they face, analyze their desires, and address their professional issues. As a result, we were able to design and develop a solution that delivers, in the most appropriate form, the data needed to transform their institutions.

Guiding the Change

Noèse's solutions are designed to help you address the profound changes in the higher education sector and to help you benefit, as of now, from the opportunities offered by data and artificial intelligence. We are convinced that providing your students with a personalized experience and support, and giving your teams unprecedented knowledge of your students and the job market, will allow you to meet the immense challenges raised by the transformation of the higher education sector.
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